08 March 2012

"You're pretty fast on that thing"


Thursday, March 8th

12 miles of fine fine hills

I had said that I'd do my hill route again. Well. Three months later, I finally did.

I used my phone (Tracks program) to make a gpx track. I'm not sure it does a great job, but I'll leave it alone (ridewithgps offered to amend my gps information. I declined). All I care about is that my time was nearly the same. So at least I have not gotten any slower.

I was passed many times by other bicyclists, one of whom gave me my title quote. Should I confess I had seen him in my rearview and stopped slacking quite so much? Naw. I won't admit to anything!

Spring is here.

At the end of my ride, I finally saw a Bakefiets in person!

 There was some mysterious trail-side construction on Oak Parkway

and I had to attempt a trick shot of my new tires.

Dig that checkerboard!

Group ride on Saturday, then we'll see what happens (I do want to get out on the Delta to ride before it gets too hot. Picking a day w/out wind is the real trick).

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