22 April 2012

Crazy Yelling Woman


Sunday, April 22nd
20 miles on the ARBT

More Trikes! More People! More Sweat!

Today, I parked at Wm B Pond and rode 5 miles to the Waffle place. Boy, Sunday is the busy day for them. I squeezed in at the counter, gobbled my waffle, and hopped back on the trike to meet the mob of 23? More? trikers and 'bents forming up for Day Two of our Assault on the River.

We rolled through the streets of Rancho Cordova, causing quite a stir and many smiles and waves. The handful of velomobiles got the "Ohh, Cute!" comments.

We gathered up again at Wm Pond for a Day 2 picture.

I felt impelled to stand on the park bench and bellow about riding single file and sharing the bike path. It helped a little bit, but I still lost my ----  (think of the S-bomb, or if you are southern you could say I lost my religion) later on and basically channeled some irritable high-strung rodie stereotype and let fly with my not-inconsiderable lung power. I am not proud of losing my temper. I have not lost it like that (public yelling, with the JC bomb, the G-bomb, the F-bomb) for a very long time.

At Watt, I decided to turn around and head back.
It was hot.
I was sweating buckets.
I was starting to suspect a calf strain.
And I did not want to tempt myself into loosing my s--- again.

However, I still had a ball. I might only do one day of this ride next time if it is this hot - my body is not ready for 45 miles in two days in 90 degree heat. I have no idea how the bike tourists do it. My disgusting sweaty helmet is off to them.

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