15 April 2012

A New Record!


Sunday, April 15th

11 or so miles around Lake Natoma

Under the Hazel Bridge

25 people (or it may have been 24). Or maybe 21. I'm not sure anymore.

Trust me, it was a LOT! The most ever, I think.

So, a nice turnout for the monthly Ride Around Lake Natoma with the two Meetup groups (Diamond Frame/Safety Bikes/"Normal" Bikes) with which I am an assistant ride leader.

The usual other recumbent trike rider showed up, he had tightened up what needed tightening from last time so his ride was better this time.

My elbow in the trick shot!

One fellow turned back quite early on (his rear brake was rubbing a lot, and it looked to me like he had a front brake rubbing on the sidewall! Or maybe he had a hobby of sanding his tires. No clue. The back tire was also getting flatter and flatter. I hope he gets his new tires on and we see him next month.

Setting off at the back of the mob.

A couple of other folks took off from the group to go on longer rides, no problem.

I had a flat also! So I tipped the trike over in the parking lot and quickly swapped out the punctured tube for my last un-patched tube. Better buy a few more tubes, I suppose.

No other mechanicals of note (although I did neatly drop my chain clear off the granny. So I stopped and put it back on.) No worries.

I tried riding with my new bike shoes quite loose. A little too loose, I suppose, but no hotfoot.

I like my half-way reclined seat. I need to move the headrest a little higher, but it does not seem that this new more laid-back position is going to require moving the boom in any. I believe I am a little faster in this position. Is it aerodynamics and/or better muscle efficiency from reducing the bend at my hip? I don't know and I'm not sure I really care. I do know I moseyed along at 18 mph for a while. I was surprised.

I do find that the more laid back position requires that I spin more up hills (less advantageous angle for mashing) but that is not a bad thing.

There is a new Recumbent Meetup group in Sacramento. Their very first ride is this afternoon. But I'm not going to make it.
Boo Hoo.
I'll see if I can organize something at this end of the American River Trail for later in the season.

Next weekend is the un-organized un-sponsored un-stressful recumbent gathering on the American River Trail.  Prior to that will be some local errands. I hope.

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