21 April 2012

Oh, you ain't seen NOTHING yet!


Saturday, April 21st
TARTAR day 1
25 miles on the American River Bike Trail

Trikes And Recumbent on The American River, see? TARTAR: an unorganized un-event involving piles and piles of recumbents. Pretty cool, even though the weather was hot.

Entering trail from Rossmore Road

Laid back
Tandem and a trike
I wore my new self-made UnderArmor CoolGear tunic (yes, it is possible to find UnderArmor fabric at various on-line outdoor fabric supply places). My torso and arms and neck were cool. I was pleased. My face is feeling left out. I forgot to take a cotton hanky with me to wipe the sweat off. I also forgot to reapply sunscreen to my sweaty face. Hopefully I will remember both the hanky and the reapplication tomorrow.
My new shoes continue to please.
I had no goathead thorns or other mechanical issues.

I skipped a rest stop so I ended up in a forward-riding clump of a couple other 'bents.
Passersby: "Hey, look at that! Oh! There's another one!"
In my head: "Kid, you ain't seen nothing yet" knowing there were at least a dozen more behind me.

Somehow, I managed to volunteer myself (as a local) to lead people across the Folsom Auburn bridge. (I decided it was TOO HOT to go to Beals Point today). It worked OK, but I find I am quite speedy so I did loose more than 1/2 the bunch by the time we got around to the Nimbus Boat Launch. But  that's OK, I got them all across the bridge and onto the south-side trail.

Tomorrow, we go from the midpoint of the trail to Old Sacramento.

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