06 May 2012



Sunday, May 6

Rolled out this morning for a lovely 20 mile ride on the American River Trail. I was not in charge of the ride but I got to lead anyway. That's what you get for coming along on another organizer's ride.

There were a dozen or so bikes today. The tandem riders who often join me around Lake Natoma were there as well as some total strangers. Cool!

I performed my public service today by eating every insect on the AR trail so other cyclists did not have to. Phtoooie!

I answered the usual questions about my trike. I collected my second "you're pretty fast on that thing" from a couple of passing roadies. I should talk, I was in "roadie mode" today with my shaped 7 panel shorts and my club jersey. Maybe that made me faster? Dunno.

Saw a cottontail and some turkeys.

I wore my Voler sun protective leggings today and tried out my recumbent bolero: just a long sleeved high-collared Underarmor shirt that ends at my ribs.  It worked well over my sleeveless jersey. So I only had to put sunscreen on my face. Where it attracted dirt, grit, and bug corpses. I have started wearing my old cycling gloves so I don't have to put sunscreen on the backs of my hands. I was all matchy matchy today with red, black, and white jersey and gloves; red sun leggings; and a white bolero.
The leggings have a zipper at the back of the ankle. I decided that the zipper needs to NOT be right on my Achilles tendon. They still work rotated a bit.

I was having too much fun to take any photos. So I took this lame-o one after we were done with our ride.

Is a bad photo better than no photo? I dunno.

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