10 May 2012

Don't feed the chain


19 or so miles on the American River Trail

I want to rack up more than my pledged miles for this month (I pledged 150). After today's ride I am more than 1/3 of the way there and we are less than 1/3 through May so I have hope.

I saw a surprising number of brightly clad jersey wearing riders out today. Many travelling in packs. I was again in my "roadie disguise" bombing along at about 14mph on the way out.

On the way back it was, admittedly, slightly uphill, but I was slower than I expected.
I had traveled to my starting place in the hatchback, so I folded my trike for transport.

When I unfolded it, I had forgotten to make sure the chaintubes were all in their proper places.

Bad Triker, No Biscuit!

It took 11 miles for the tube to work its way back to the rear derailer and proceed to get all torn up and another 8 miles for me to notice it (ie. I didn't look until I was back at the car).

So I'll have to trim off the chewed up part and have a slightly shorter tube back there. And I suppose I ought to inspect the derailuer for bits of plastic.

Lightweight irrigation tubing makes fine chain tubes. And then the folks who sell the idler I have my eye on also sell super slick extra special tubes. I might go that route.

Riding on Saturday, maybe on Sunday.

Pollen count is super high right now and riding two days in a row might be foolish. We'll see.


  1. Hi Liz,
    I live in Ashland, OR. I drive an ICE which I bought from Hugh in Chico a year ago. I'm pres of Siskiyou Velo Bike Club and want to do a tour with other trikers. I have 17 in this area but none of them are interested in doing short term self-supported tours.

    I just did a 3-day tour-- Yreka-Scott Valley-- and have another one planned Yreka-Shasta May 29-31.
    One Club member who hasn't toured is coming on his DF bike. I'd like more trike companions--wanna come?
    I also have other short term tours planned in Oregon areas.
    Phil star@mind.net

  2. Phil, that sounds great! But I have an awful lot going on in May and June. I will keep an eye on your club's site.