12 May 2012

Fine Folsom Frying


Cool lake on a hot day

11 miles on the Usual Loop around the Usual Lake with the Usual Suspects. Well, some of them.
It is getting hot and our 10am start time may have deterred some folks, or maybe they are doing everything for the whole weekend on Saturday. Or or or ...

Anyway, we had a sociable group of 4 people, me and my sweetheart, and two Repeat Offenders (who have come on this ride before).

All went well, except that the water fountain at Negro Bar was turned off. What is up with this!? I'll be emailing Folsom SRA with a request for an explanation. Hope they have a good one.

And Himself was a bit struck by the heat. So he parked himself in the shade, drank some electrolye enhanced water, and I soaked his shirt with some plain water. He cooled right off and perked right up.

We stopped near the beginning of the ride and pumped up a pair of tires and had an interesting conversation about bike pumps.

The other 'bent rider putting his pump back.

Tires pumped and ready to roll

Both of us with recumbents on this ride had Schrader valves on our rides, so we had TWO pumps available, one for each tire on the mountain bike. Made for faster pumping.
My sweetheart (in beige and brown shorts above) is getting ready for his Cowboy Mount, where you get rolling and then swing the other leg over the bike. I could never learn that trick. And now I don't have to.

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