01 May 2012

May is Bike Month

Tuesday, May 1st

Bike month kickoff at the El Dorado County government offices in Placerville. This is the 7th year. Who knew? I missed the last six, I guess.

I parked at Missouri Flat Road and bicycled up to the gov't offices. I had the trail to myself.

There were a handful of people there, some of whom I'd been passed by on the way up.

I answered a lot of questions about my recumbent, despite parking it kind of out of the way.

More people arrived, clustering in groups and chatting bike bike bike.

I was pleased at the interest generated by the Friends of the El Dorado Trail's display.

I saw one Sacramento Wheelmen jersey, Team Rev, and a couple of other jersey-like items.
Most folks were El Dorado County casual.

I was wearing a loud Hawaiian shirt and bright red arm and leg sun-covers, a new thing I'm trying this summer in lieu of sunscreen that I must remember to reapply. I was pretty memorable, and not just because of my bike. I was a one woman rolling comment-generator/freak show. And the only recumbent at the event.

After Mr. Somebody or Other (El Dorado County Transportation Commission/Committee - see how little I know?) talked,

Mr. Somebody-or-other

we applauded ourselves and set off from the Center

onto Ray Lawyer Dr.,

on to Forni Rd. and then onto the bike path, eventually crossing Weber Creek on the splendid and long wooden-decked bridge

The El Dorado Trail is a rail-trail so it is never very steep, but it is going up (eventually) to the Sierras. So I had already done the up up up part and got to coast most of the 3 miles back down to where I parked. I decided to stop there and not go up and down another time. So I missed out on the bag lunch I may or may not have RSVPed in time for.

Tomorrow I will ride to my dentist's appointment. Yay!

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