08 May 2012

Slogging up, rolling down


11 miles in Folsom

It is Bike Month, and I'm trying to stay ahead of the miles I've pledged for our group, the Hammerin' Wheels. We are in first place right now in the Team Challenge and plan to stay there.

I started in Old Folsom as I had planned, but decided to skip the hills in Empire Ranch because it was rather warm today and both drinking fountains that I knew about on my route were Turned Off! What?! <whine> Folsom! </whine>.

As soon as I left the parking structure, I started smelling the Kikkoman plant.

I am tired of poppy-pictures so I shot this plant instead. I'm pretty sure it is terrestrial but beyond that I have no clue.

Although we are in the beginning of the dry season, there was enough water this year to fill the winter wetlands (now not so wet) with lush green grass.

Looking through the sides of the bridge

I was noticing lots of cut down pines along the trail. Turns out these Grey Pines have some kind of disease so down they go. The trail smelled nice and piney from all the cut up logs.

The trail work made for a short detour. It was a short stretch of well-laid crushed stone. Not bad to ride on, even up hill on a smooth-tyred trike.

The gravel path is on the right

I'm glad I started downstream and slogged up right away. It took me 50 minutes to get to the highest point, but only 20 to return to the garage. Yay, Gravity!

I hope to get out at least once more before the weekend (I've done 25% of my pledged miles and I hope to exceed my pledge this month).

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