14 May 2012

Triple Threat


9 miles in Folsom.

Himself took a 1/2 day off (waaaaay too much vacation saved up) and we pedaled around Folsom's bike trails this afternoon.

He was going pretty fast. My three-days-in-a-row legs were working hard to keep up. But I did. He corners faster than I'm willing to. So I worked a little harder after each corner. And there are a lot of corners in Folsom.

We almost missed our turn because the pavement and the dirt and everything was covered with tree-fluff.

A light coating of fluff

I got tree-fluff stuck to my tires. It went "crunch crunch crunch" when ridden over.

My tire needs a shave! BTW the round dents you see are wear indicators. And it is also pretty easy to see that my alignment is good, also. Well, neutral chaotic, if you must know.

I experimented with slightly higher pressures in my tires (it's been over a year at 80psi all around, I tried 90 in back and 85 in front). Don't know that I can tell the difference.

I've ridden 102 miles in May so far. I'll make, and exceed, my pledged miles. Yay me!

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