10 June 2012



13 miles on the American River Trail

Himself and I rolled out this morning before noon (a miracle occurred: angels, music, the whole enchilada) for a lovely ride on the trail.

It was busy! An organized ride was going on (REX - next year I'll try to do it - supports the trail).

Himself set a surprisingly brisk 13.3 mph average pace from Sunrise to Wm Pond. I am pleased!

While loafing at Wm Pond (and not eating oranges: well he didn't - the elderly oranges had picked up a "leftover" taste after several weeks in the refrigerator which my unrefined tastebuds could not detect. Anyway, I ate my orange) we encountered another pair of trikers, out from Natomas (a suburb 90 degrees from ours). He was on a Greenspeed Magnum and she on a Rambler or Rover I can't remember- the really high seat position trike - looked quite spacious!

Himself could not clip in and discovered that his cleat had lost a screw. I had spare screws in my bag (DO NOT mock the bag full of 8lbs of stuff! It is USEFUL and awe-inspiring) so we fixed the "you've got a screw loose" problem and got rolling.

We decided to travel as a group back to Sunrise (they had parked a little further on) so we did, taking many shady stops for various reasons. I was loafing along in back so I finally had the leisure to bust out the camera.

All the pictures look the same, so pretend the pretty trikes are just decorating different landscapes.

Himself is way ahead: he keeps cooler when traveling faster.

Look! An oncoming trike! 4 trikes in one shot! Amazing!

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