22 July 2012

'Round and 'round she goes


11.5 miles around Lake Natoma, on the usual ride with unusual people

I had a flock of 8 riders, mostly newcomers the the group, to shepherd around the lake today. We left at 9am to beat the heat, and mostly managed to, as it was only 90 at 11am when I drove off after the ride.

An occasional rider with the Casual group came along on his mountain bike (nice new tires due to a recent blowout on a ride) and I voluntold him to lead the group out. He set a brisk-ish pace, about 13mph, and everybody seemed OK with it.

We regrouped at the Nimbus boat launch, then straggled across the Hazel bridge to the other side. I stuck with our slowest rider (who was not all that slow, really) and we caught everybody up at Negro Bar, where once again the water fountains were shut off (no body needed water this time so no worries) and made our way across the bridge and back to our starting place.

Himself was still sound asleep when I got home. He had dithered around last night about the ride (for him to even consider getting up at 8am on a weekend to go cycling is a world-shattering event) but the 104 degree forecast changed his mind.

I have grown accustomed to riding with Himself, so hopefully we can get out some evening this week.

I've changed the description of my blog to match the riding I do now. Riding with my sweetheart instead of myself.

 Now I just need to take a new picture with both trikes for the blog header.

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