16 July 2012

Turkey Trot

#178 / #11

Afternoon ride again today. A little earlier since the weather cooled off significantly today.

For a change, we started in the parking garage in Folsom and took the rail trail that parallels Folsom instead of the rolling hills of the trail closer to the river.

Maybe not a great idea since this trail make numerous street crossings. Badly planned street crossings with extremely tight turns and impossibly placed cross walk push-buttons.

To make it even more 'interesting' my digestion was acting up and we made several stops to deal with the trots. Are they 'trots' when one is on a bike?

Anyway! things settled down somewhat and then took a break at Nimbus Flat boat launch and debated going farther down the trail, but ultimately decided to cross the Hazel bridge and head back.

Himself set a blistering pace once we hit the slope down to the river's edge and I managed to move up to within less than 1 minute of the Queen of the Mountain on Strava (QOM is the fastest female on that segment of trail as recorded on their database). So that was a little bit o' fun.

I have a hike on Wednesday, so we probably won't ride again until Thursday.

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