28 August 2012

Big bad wolf

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I huffed and I puffed and there were no houses to blow down.

Himself decided (in the interests of domestic tranquility I usually make/allow him to decide our routes) to go from Folsom on the south side of Lake Natoma and up the American River Trail as far as we/he felt like it, then back to Folsom.

We went 15 miles. Hillier miles than our 20 we've been doing, so we agreed it felt like the same amount of effort.

It was hot. Still 85 when we returned to the car about sunset. Something or other is blooming, and I ate crap food today. So I think all three of those (mostly the crap food) contributed to me feeling like I could just not catch a full breath.

We saw two other recumbent trikes out. One a cheerful fellow in bright yellow on an ICE whose name started with D? I think. And another anonymous fellow on some orange thing. Probably a Catrike, since it seemed low and fast.

We have a houseful of people this weekend, so we might not make it out again until next week. Boo hoo.


24 August 2012

The Muffin-top Boys

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Friday evening, August 24, American River Bike Trail

We went about 19 miles this evening, dodging rattlesnakes, deer, and bunnies: the usual.

We collected one "cool bikes", one "hella sick", one "I should draft you two" and one "muffin-tops".

Himself thought of the perfect comeback to the last, "Things change when you age and maybe when you age you'll stop being an a**hole. Stranger things have happened." Of course, the offending pair of skinny young dudes were long gone by then.

Anyway, we had a lovely ride although it was a little warmer than we had thought it would be, over 95 when we began, but a breezy 85 by the end.

No boom spinning on Himself's part (his right knee was tired so he was not pushing as much as he might) and I managed to sail around the Corner of Crash without any more close encounters with the gravel.

I finally got around to swapping out my wearing-out HP Velotechnik idler with a spiffy Terracycle version. I didn't have the shim on hand so it is not quite in the right position, but even with some chain-tube rub it is still quieter than my old idler. Tres sweet!

18 August 2012

onyerlef onyerlef onyerlef

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Went around scenic, crowded Lake Natoma today. This was a group ride w/ me in charge (be afraid, very afraid) and this was the WORST attendance day ever! I had 14 people signed up and 9 did not show. Phoo on them. They missed a nice ride.

It even rained a few drops on us! The temps were much lower than they have been the last week or so and it was great to get out on the trike again.

We shared the south side trail with the Folsom Triathlon people. I was cautious passing folks and wore out my "on your left" phrase. We had only one mechanical (the chain popped off the front derailler of one of the hybrid bikes along for the ride) easily fixed.

Himself led us out at a nice 10.9 mph average pace and folks seemed to find that pace just fine.

The last little bit of the trail, getting up onto the bridge access, is steep!

Yes, it is as steep as it looks.

Recumbent riders can sit down on the job.

For a pre-ride bonus, we got to drool over many classic cars in town for a rally. Here is just one of them, in my favorite car color!

You'll notice (maybe) that Himself's ride number  has incremented more than mine. Himself went on TWO rides without me! I'm so proud!

14 August 2012

Flippin' Flippers!

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Saturday, August 4th

Well, I went all of 2 miles before flipping my trike.
I wanted to wait and post until I had had my beautiful (and exceptionally sturdy) steed checked out.

All is well. The right wheel maybe needed to be trued up (so that was done) and I need to run out to the automotive store for some primer and paint for my rear rack, and apply some shoe-goo to the corner of my seat. The handlebar/steering needed to straighten out and that is all.

My road rash is mostly healed (thank you Tegaderm and a very very useful article by Dawn Richardson in an old Velonews). And Himself and I are waiting for the weather to drop back down out of the triple digits so we can go riding together again!

I probably turned too hard on a corner and flipped the trike and myself going about 15mph. I slid some number of feet on the shoulder of the bike trail (through dried dog shit - thanks SO MUCH for cleaning up after your dog), my trike sliding right along with me.

The exceptionally sturdy rear HPV rack saved my rear derailluer from getting smashed. So that was good.

Himself went back to get the car and I carefully rode to the nearest parking lot and waited for pickup.

I had a nice deep but small patch of road rash on the heel of my right hand (the worst) and bruises and scrapes on my right forearm, and ditto on my right hip. And my tetanus shot is up-to-date. My fav underarmor shirt is shredded on one arm and so is my fav pair of shorts.

I know, I know.
"Rubber side down!"