28 August 2012

Big bad wolf

#185 / #18

I huffed and I puffed and there were no houses to blow down.

Himself decided (in the interests of domestic tranquility I usually make/allow him to decide our routes) to go from Folsom on the south side of Lake Natoma and up the American River Trail as far as we/he felt like it, then back to Folsom.

We went 15 miles. Hillier miles than our 20 we've been doing, so we agreed it felt like the same amount of effort.

It was hot. Still 85 when we returned to the car about sunset. Something or other is blooming, and I ate crap food today. So I think all three of those (mostly the crap food) contributed to me feeling like I could just not catch a full breath.

We saw two other recumbent trikes out. One a cheerful fellow in bright yellow on an ICE whose name started with D? I think. And another anonymous fellow on some orange thing. Probably a Catrike, since it seemed low and fast.

We have a houseful of people this weekend, so we might not make it out again until next week. Boo hoo.


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