14 August 2012

Flippin' Flippers!

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Saturday, August 4th

Well, I went all of 2 miles before flipping my trike.
I wanted to wait and post until I had had my beautiful (and exceptionally sturdy) steed checked out.

All is well. The right wheel maybe needed to be trued up (so that was done) and I need to run out to the automotive store for some primer and paint for my rear rack, and apply some shoe-goo to the corner of my seat. The handlebar/steering needed to straighten out and that is all.

My road rash is mostly healed (thank you Tegaderm and a very very useful article by Dawn Richardson in an old Velonews). And Himself and I are waiting for the weather to drop back down out of the triple digits so we can go riding together again!

I probably turned too hard on a corner and flipped the trike and myself going about 15mph. I slid some number of feet on the shoulder of the bike trail (through dried dog shit - thanks SO MUCH for cleaning up after your dog), my trike sliding right along with me.

The exceptionally sturdy rear HPV rack saved my rear derailluer from getting smashed. So that was good.

Himself went back to get the car and I carefully rode to the nearest parking lot and waited for pickup.

I had a nice deep but small patch of road rash on the heel of my right hand (the worst) and bruises and scrapes on my right forearm, and ditto on my right hip. And my tetanus shot is up-to-date. My fav underarmor shirt is shredded on one arm and so is my fav pair of shorts.

I know, I know.
"Rubber side down!"

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