18 August 2012

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Went around scenic, crowded Lake Natoma today. This was a group ride w/ me in charge (be afraid, very afraid) and this was the WORST attendance day ever! I had 14 people signed up and 9 did not show. Phoo on them. They missed a nice ride.

It even rained a few drops on us! The temps were much lower than they have been the last week or so and it was great to get out on the trike again.

We shared the south side trail with the Folsom Triathlon people. I was cautious passing folks and wore out my "on your left" phrase. We had only one mechanical (the chain popped off the front derailler of one of the hybrid bikes along for the ride) easily fixed.

Himself led us out at a nice 10.9 mph average pace and folks seemed to find that pace just fine.

The last little bit of the trail, getting up onto the bridge access, is steep!

Yes, it is as steep as it looks.

Recumbent riders can sit down on the job.

For a pre-ride bonus, we got to drool over many classic cars in town for a rally. Here is just one of them, in my favorite car color!

You'll notice (maybe) that Himself's ride number  has incremented more than mine. Himself went on TWO rides without me! I'm so proud!

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