24 August 2012

The Muffin-top Boys

#184 /#17

Friday evening, August 24, American River Bike Trail

We went about 19 miles this evening, dodging rattlesnakes, deer, and bunnies: the usual.

We collected one "cool bikes", one "hella sick", one "I should draft you two" and one "muffin-tops".

Himself thought of the perfect comeback to the last, "Things change when you age and maybe when you age you'll stop being an a**hole. Stranger things have happened." Of course, the offending pair of skinny young dudes were long gone by then.

Anyway, we had a lovely ride although it was a little warmer than we had thought it would be, over 95 when we began, but a breezy 85 by the end.

No boom spinning on Himself's part (his right knee was tired so he was not pushing as much as he might) and I managed to sail around the Corner of Crash without any more close encounters with the gravel.

I finally got around to swapping out my wearing-out HP Velotechnik idler with a spiffy Terracycle version. I didn't have the shim on hand so it is not quite in the right position, but even with some chain-tube rub it is still quieter than my old idler. Tres sweet!

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