15 September 2012

... and your little dog, too!


Out this morning for another ride without Himself. A ride of a mere 7 miles at a mere 7mph would drive him NUTS. So he slept in, while I shepherded (led, rather) a band of extremely casual bikers though Folsom's twisty bike trails.

Along the way we heard plenty of red wing blackbirds, even though the wetlands are largely dried up this time of year, and saw a crew of folks PUTTING UP SIGNS.

I am blown away! Signs telling us Willow Creek Trail, and Humbug Trail. So excited! I'll have to take pictures some time.

While loading the car, up drives Parking Lot Al (the only named person in this blog). I had not seen him since last winter, when he was laid low by pnumonia. Or how ever you spell that. ANYWAY, he is back on his trike, and allowed as how this ride would be about right for him. So I hope he can join us next time.
We compared road rash scars. He wiped out a few weeks ago. I also met his very very small and frighteningly adorable dog. (Frighteningly because I know I'm getting older when dogs smaller than my head look OK).

Some of the group hung around afterwards, shooting the shit and drinking coffee.

I shall lead a ride like this once a month or so. Seven Speed came along, and might check out trails in Roseville so we can ride somewhere other than Folsom.

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