18 September 2012

Cool breeze

#191 / #22

Not cool, really. But cooler than it has been. And cool to be out on the trail with Himself, batting along around 13mph average.

One other recumbent, a low racer this time. A handful of pacelines and a deceptively fast woman on a fitness/cruiser bike. Passed me handily and I was going 15 at the time.

Saw a fellow on a road bike, drops and all, riding quite slowly along the bike path, chatting with a friend who was on the dirt on a mt bike. Do these two tribes converse? I suppose they do.

We rode from Sunrise to Wm Pond and back again, to give ourselves a break from our longer ride just two days ago.

Today, Himself asked me about lubing and cleaning the chain and so on. So I gave him my view: lube what should move and tighten what should not every couple hundred miles. I checked out his chain, and in my opinion it is sticky and gritty and I would clean it. But I'm a crazy person who uses a wax-type lube (not sticky) that needs more frequent application.

Like tomorrow, when our truck is in the shop and I can spread out in the garage, wallowing in bike tools.


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