23 September 2012

Double Deer Doppio

#192 / #23

Plenty of wildlife today on our ride from Sunrise to Watt and back (Am. River Trail). Deer. Coyote. Attack Pigeons. Itchy Roadie.

I drove through two deer. One had crossed the trail just before Himself, and another was thinking about crossing as I rolled up. Both deer froze, giant ears (Mule deer) extended, staring at the contraption. Both decided heading away from the trail was the best option.

We rode in the late afternoon, when more wildlife is out. The coyote (a big one) was sloping along next to the trail, probably looking for dinner. Birds were out as well: California Quail, which just look so funny running along, and flocks of pigeons. One pigeon elected to become airborne just as I was passing it. I nearly had pigeon for dinner.

Picture this. It is nearing sunset, and we are rolling due east. A roadie passes us, lit up as by a spotlight by the sunlight. As he rolls by he gives himself a nice, satisfyingly long right-butt-cheek scratch.
I guess it really was itchy.

Nice weather for the week ahead: if Himself's work schedule allows, we will squeeze a couple of rides in.

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