16 September 2012

Go West

#190 / #21

This afternoon we set out from William Pond Park and went west for 10 miles, then turned around and went back. We were about 4 miles from Mile Zero on the American River  Trail.

I dropped my chain in the parking lot setting out but was able to put it back, no problems. No other mechanicals.

We saw one jackrabbit and one recumbent high racer. Lots of other bicyclists (non-bent) and some peds. As were unfolding our trikes, we noticed a Catrike Trail (beautiful bright yellow) come rolling in. She puts her trike on a Hitch Rider rack, on the back of the car. We rolled on over to check it out. She likes it. We were intrigued.

The Army Corps of Engineers is working on the levee by Sac State's golf course, so we got to take the slightly bumpy and entertainingly twisty detour that heads closer to the river. This old section of the bike trail, my local informant has told me, is a section of the original trail, rerouted due to yearly flood closures.

Both of us noticed distinct changes in temperature and humidity while riding along. That's a nice way of saying "Gee, did you notice that section that was like riding through giant swamp dog breath?", "Yes, yes, I did."
There was also a nice cool section to make up for GSDB.

We will try to get out a couple more times this week, schedules and weather cooperating.

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