11 September 2012

Tahoe City to Squaw Valley


I headed out without Himself today, for a group ride up in Tahoe. This was my first time bicycling at any kind of elevation. Not too bad, but I was even slower than usual on the hills!

Here's a link to info about trails (paved) up there.
To get from Tahoe to Squaw Valley you have to ride on some bike lanes. It is reasonably flat, given it is in the mountains.

The only downside to this trail for trikes is the cross slope of the bike trail where it crosses a couple of driveways in particular. It is quite tilted (probably for snowmelt) and I felt it necessary to slow way down and lean over quite far to the uphill side of the trail.

We went about 15 miles. My nervousness on downhills, corners, and tilted areas, and gasping from the elevation conspired to give me an average speed of


a blazing


6.2 mph by my GPS and a less humiliating one of 8.3 on my onboard bike computer.

And now for the good parts...


One person had a GoPro taking pics every 30 seconds. How could I resist doing donuts in front of the camera.

I'm not in the picture and neither is the shy person. Parking lot at Gatekeepers Museum

Truckee River

More river

Guess what!? More river!

Riding into Squaw Valley

Squaw Valley with no bikes

Playing tourists

Still tourists: we are getting pretty good at it.

They walked. I rode.

Pretty cool! We got our own flagger on the bike trail

Gratuitous clouds shot from moving car. Makes a change from a moving bike.

Your friendly blogger: relaxed tourist.

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