13 September 2012

The Usual

#188 / #20

Last night, we went on what has become one of our Usual Rides: Sunrise to Wm Pond and back again (American River Trail).

Plenty of other folks out, lots of roadies, a few small pacelines, another recumbent, a handcycle, and some casual riders. We also saw a couple of deer.

Himself and I had an interesting conversation about getting stronger/faster on a trike. He's pretty competitive, even with himself, while I have been called "the least competitive person I know" (no one knows you better than your mom).

I finally figured out that Himself was trying to figure out what category he fit in.

I don't know that there even ARE categories! Do we need categories? If there are, what are they?

The casual riding group I belong to has rides less than 20 miles and less than 15mph with minimal climbing. The road side of that group has frequent rides of over 50 miles and over 10 thousand feet of climbing (no, I'm not kidding). There is a huge expanse of abilities, expectations, and desires in the middle. Both these groups are "normal" bikes.
The recumbent riders of Sacramento have a 30 mile ride every month, a slow ride is 13mph average. I could just about keep up the last time I rode with them. Some of those folks will figure out how to add an additional 15 or 30 miles onto that ride, so it is "worth it".

I figure we ought to have Loafers - who ride every once in a while, generally go no more than 10mph but usually around 8, and balk at rides of more than 10 miles, or any kind of hill at all. I know they exist, at least on the Safety Bike ("normal") bike side, since I'm running just that kind of ride this coming weekend.

Then there are Casual riders - usually between 10-12mph, a few hills are OK, and rides longer than 20 are intimidating.

Or should that be up to 15mph, and rides less than 50? If you run that set of numbers past the Loafers, they will say, "Gosh, that's a long ride, and really fast!" but if you run it past the 10k+ feet of climbing, they'll be all "Oh, that's a total beginning ride".

I come to no conclusions.

I told Himself that when he runs out of chainring in front (he's always in the big ring and frequently spins out) then he's reached the limit of the trike. Other than that, I have no idea.

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