15 October 2012

Double-dip Sundae

#194 & #195 / #25

Sunday, I went on two bike rides: my easy peasy lemon squeezy 7 mile absolute beginner ride in the morning and then a longer ride with Himself in the afternoon!


"Parking lot" Al and his charming wife came along on the morning ride and some other returning riders as well. It was beautiful weather for both rides, in the high 70s and sunny. A perfect Northern California fall day.

Between the rides I lubed my chain and also inspected a lubed my rear derailler. It was shifting funny on the morning ride. Not that there was much shifting going on. Or pedaling for that matter.

I don't know that it made a difference, but I had no trouble shifting on the second ride.

The theme for both rides was "Nuts". It is fall which stands for things falling. Generally the falling things are tree-parts, the the parts which fall the most are tree-fruit. In Northern California, that means Nuts. We have a lot of Oaks. Equals a lot of nuts.

Nuts pop out sideways or in unexpected directions when you ride over them. The zing through the spokes and rattle in the undercarriage. Today I even saw a nut in the process of falling out of a tree. It bounced off the pavement. Maybe a squirrel tossed it.

Nuts also mean happy frantic squirrels gathering them up. I almost ran over one squirrel and spend a few minutes thinking of what a mess that would have been.

No squirrel was harmed writing this post. I suppose a nut or two might have been, but we have plenty of them, so who cares?
Not I.

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