24 October 2012

I spy with my little eye...


Rain rain, go away.

I managed to start my ride just after one rain shower and finish just before the next. Today was poodles, puddles, fish and fishermen, and rocks.

I went around Lake Natoma: it was different being all by myself, no riders to herd, no sweetheart to keep up with. It was relaxing. The fellow walking the gorgeous standard poodle was wearing those nifty individual-toe foot gloves things. I tried them but my toes are too twisted up from the 1980s and several pair of very high Italian high heels. Hey, I had the high pony, crop top, and parachute pants.

Oh dear, TMI.

I have not put my fenders back on so I was lightly covered with little flecks of muck tossed up by my tires from the damp pavement. The fish were jumping again near the Hatchery, and I saw several fishermen out in the water: one fighting a nice big fish, and another along the bike trail with two enormous fish stacked up at his feet.

Yesterday's rain destabilized the cliff face on the north side of the river. The gap in the rocks was just wide enough for my trike.

It was nice riding by myself but I'm looking forward to (hopefully) a Friday ride with Himself.

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