07 October 2012

The New Pavement Polka

#193 / #24

Went for about 13 miles yesterday afternoon. Beautiful weather, mid 70s with a light breeze. Lots of scampering squirrels.

Himself commented that this was the best weather he'd ever ridden in. I told him that's what he gets for buying a trike in May (I bought mine in September).

I had recently strained some tendons in my ankle from causes unknown so I'd stayed off the bike for a while. No problems from yesterday's ride. Himself decided to not go the full 20 miles, since his knees were a bit sore after the last 20 mile ride. I have still been unable to convince him of the benefits of stretching.

There is about a mile of brand new asphalt, decorated only with those temporary yellow reflective sticking up things. I do not like new pavement. My trike handles funny. So I dropped my speed from 15 mph to 12.5 mph and was much happier. I did notice that peddling was easier on the new pavement, so I expect it is a friction thing.

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