20 October 2012

The Valve-stem Volta

#196 / #26

I think this was probably the loveliest Saturday for a bike ride of the whole year. A day early in Spring with flowers and green grass might win, but I'm not sure.

I started off the day checking my tires before leaving this house and discovered a soft left front tire. When I touched the valve cap prior to letting the rest of the air out, the tire started hissing! Oh no - a leak I cannot patch (around the stem).
So I pried off the tire, got a tube from the bag, stuffed it in, pumped it up. While removing the pump head from the freshly inflated tube, I ripped the stem right out of the tube.


So much for getting a bit of Yoga in before the ride.

Pried off the tire again, inspected the hole in the rim where the stem sticks through, filed off some burrs, and did it all again, stopping short of ripping out another stem.

We had an uneventful ride, although I did lose one person. She reported later that she did make it all the way around the lake and had a good time. I SWEAR I did not see her pass me. Really, I did not. One of the other folks on the ride even went back and looked for her.

Ms. B took lovely photos of our ride. I'll include one here. I'm hiding behind the women in the white jacket. The tall fellow in blue in the middle of the shot is Himself.

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