06 November 2012


Today was my 200th ride on my lovely trike. I've had Sleipnir for two years and two months (more or less).

And I got a Round-To-It as well, dropping off the Prius for its 90thou checkup and riding back home from the auto shop. I've been planning to do this for years, since before I went recumbent, but never did it.

Today ride was only 9 miles, all in traffic, on roads with, at best, intermittent bike lanes, at worst, no shoulder. The weather (mid 70s) was a little bit warm for my screaming yellow jacket, but I wore it anyway.

Right out of the door of the Toy Shop I hit a hill, so I shifted down down down and crept up up up up. Lovely thing, first thing and not warmed up at all.
My next challenge, at the top of the hill, was to slither across two lanes into the left turn lane. My back up plan was to use two ped crosswalks to make the left turn if I had to. The difficult part of that two-lane-slide was my very low speed cresting the hill, and the limited rear view of overtaking traffic due to the steepness of the hill. But I got it done, made my left turn in a vehicular fashion.

Then I cruised down Durock road, keeping my speed around 20mph since faster than that was uncomfortable as the road was quite sloped. I waited briefly for a lane closure,  pedaling like mad to keep up with traffic.

Then back through town and to my usual haunts. Up another hill to drop off my mail-in ballot, then home.

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