05 November 2012

Empire Ranch

#199 / #28

Sunday, November 4th.

I dragged Himself off on a route he had not ridden before, one of my favorite cool-weather rides: through still more Folsom neighborhood bike paths.

Starting at Raley's in Folsom on Green Valley, we wound our way on well-known ways to the duckpond, then zipped east to Silberthorn drive, across Golf Links, and back onto more bikepaths. After a tiny down hill, the path climbs up and up, dumping you onto Empire Ranch Road with its lovely wide bike lane (this is Hill Part Two), exiting at Bijan onto more bikepath and onto Hill Part Three. We ground our way to the top, admired the view of Folsom from the top from our slow-rolling trikes, then shot down the curvy hill and back to our starting place. Himself shot, I chicken-braked all the way.

OK OK, I'll put a map in.

We didn't see much wildlife, except for assorted birds, but there were a fair amount of people out on the paths. Most seem to take the loop section of our ride in reverse, so we were on the downhill when they were on the uphill. I suppose some day I might try it in reverse.

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