08 November 2012

Lake Loop

#201 / #29

We got started too late on Wednesday, with only two hours of daylight left to get out on a bike ride. Darn time change.

So, instead of heading out to the American River trail at Sunrise, we opted to start in old Folsom and do the Lake Natoma loop. I was dragging, Himself was flying. I periodically caught up with him, but I could really feel Tuesday's hills and traffic-sprints.

I suppose this means I need to do more hills. OK. I will!

I was also suffering from the effects of having three fillings replaced earlier that morning. Once I'm numbed up (I generally set dental-office records for the amount of numbing agent required) I'm good. But the effects later that day, after the numbing wears off, are usually a throbbing jaw where that HUGE GIANT needle goes in. What does that have to do with riding? Nothing.

I swallowed some tylenol and carried on.

The rock slide I saw on my last ride on this route has been mostly cleared off the trail. There were several groups of three-abreast walkers. Why do I always encounter them on a blind hill or curve?

Anyway, no mishaps, nothing much to report. We did see on other recumbent (two wheels w/ under seat steering). And I did run my blinky taillight and headlight during the ride. Himself and I desperately need bright yellow jerseys. We are pretty invisible on the trail an hour before dark.


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