22 November 2012

Snot Rockets and Story Time

#204 / #31

Ok. So it has not been quite two weeks since our last ride. It rained a lot last few days. Himself (who has a new name "Red Leader") was busy busy busy.

No rain today. Sunshine, the faintest of breezes, plenty of wildlife, and beaucoup  people. Not the usual herds of roadies, but family groups, strings of kids, walkers, dogs, coyote, deer, suicidal squirrels (no squirrel fatalities but a couple of near misses). And some unfortunately stinky sections of the trail: smelled like dog doo doo and dead fish combined and left to rot in the sun. Bleah.

Why Red Leader? Because we are geeks and it is a Star Wars reference. Because Himself rides a red trike. Because he really really wants to be in front all the time. Because I'm strange.

And I'm in good company (strange company) because Red Leader promptly announced that he needed red leader hosen. Go on, think in German for a minute.

Awful, yes?

We went from Sunrise to Watt and back - our usual. It was cool enough that the noses ran. Drippy noses can lead to snot rockets (for those of you unaware of this dainty habit, it involves shutting one nostril with a finger or knuckle, turning over ones shoulder, and violently expelling what ever is in the nose. Ick.
I do not "rocket".

As we rolled along, I saw a women walking with a couple of kids. She was telling a story as she walked. I heard a bit more of it when we saw her again at a rest break: something about enchantments and castles. I would like to know how it ended.

We got back home after our ride around 3pm, just in time to start cooking Thanksgiving dinner. Roast beef, mashed potatoes, salad, and apple crisp.


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