26 November 2012

Terriers and Trikes

#205 / #32

Saturday, Nov 24th

The last time we were out we saw NO recumbents at all. Today it was a veritable trike-fest.

We arrived at one of our usual launching points, on Folsom's bike trails, to find an entire van full of trikes unloading. I've mentioned this crowd before, as the producers of the hysterically funny "The Goathead Thorn and You" youtube video.

Anyway, these brave souls had decided to ride with their little dogs, the dogs being held on laps. Red Leader (the rider formerly known as Himself) and I figured they were out of their minds, barking mad, in fact. The dogs were certainly barking mad. We could hear their frantic barking and yapping for a miles around the bike paths.

Another fellow in a bright yellow jacket rolled up as the dog-convoy was getting set up, but we didn't get a chance to talk to him.

We took the mildly hilly route (I chose, Red Leader went along) to the southeast from Green Valley/East Natomas intersection. I decided to charge on ahead up the hills when I knew that RL would not come to confusing intersections.

We both got a good workout, pedaling just short of gasping for air on my part, and a heartrate of just under 150 for RL.

RL decided to hop up on a wide sidewalk along Empire Ranch Road. I don't know why, he might not be comfortable riding in a bike lane when there is an alternative, or he might have been thinking of a section farther along, where one can stick to the sidewalk and avoid a Pointless Down and Up that the bike path gives you.
I suppose I should ask.

I didn't like riding on the sidewalk, so next time I'll stick to the bike lane.

Hopefully a couple of rides this week, we'll see.

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