11 December 2012

Bodacious Beals

#208 /  #35

It was Time, Past time, Time to GO, Time to Climb on our lovely trikes.

So I successfully sold Red Leader (AKA Himself) my husband)) on the idea of crawling up Beals Point and then possibly going around the lake.
We did the Point, but not the lake.

It is 9.7 miles round trip from the parking garage in Folsom to the Beals Point section of Folsom Lake State Recreation Area.

We went across the newish bridge rather than the old wooden ped bridge.

We spent a little over an hour, with a moving average of 8.5. My max speed was a paltry 21 mph. I did considerable braking on the downhills due to washes of sand across the trail and lots of leaves.

Whoever it is that maintains this trail has fixed the lumpy root problem in the two underpasses on this ride. Which is nice, since I did not bounce out of my seat this time. I think the suspension on my trike makes fast curvy bumpy downhills even more (unnecessarially?) exciting.

Most of the other rides were skinny fit roadie types, passing us in a blur of legs. And there were not too many of them on this workday afternoon. And the weather was a lovely low 60s, mostly overcast, with a breeze at the top of the climb.

I dropped my front chain between the rings while shifting, so I had to stop and pry it out. The end of a tire lever works pretty well for this. No other mechanical issues. Red Leader got his heart rate up to about 165, high but he did not feel nausous or dizzy. So no worries there. Our legs are tired.

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