28 December 2012

In the Library... with a book...


Before the afternoon rain came, I slid out the garage this morning and over to the local library to pick up some mysteries.

Ok. It was a little more complicated than that. 

First, I got my cool weather tights on, found a light wool shirt, my fuzzy vest, my arm warmers, my wool buff, my full fingered wool gloves, thick wool socks and my high viz wind breaker.

I took Red Leader's trike and bags out of the back of the car, took my trike out, unfolded it, put the seat on. Put my trunk bag on the back, a pannier on the side and found my full-finger gloves. Put a flag on and attached my birthday lights - a lovely and functional pair from Busch and Mueller.

Then I went in through the garage, shut the garage, through the house, back outside and on my trike and rolled away.

Today was trash day, so there were lots of garbage cans to dodge. All drivers were well behaved, giving me plenty of room on the road. I did cut in behind a few trash cans to let cars pass but in general I kept a steady line. And I managed to avoid all the potholes and cracks in the asphalt. For fun, I stopped at all stop signs, befuddling drivers left and right.

When I got to the library, I sat outside for a bit and drank some chocolate milk (Ovaltine and Nido in powder form in a screwtop mug, just add water) and a small food bar. Sitting out allowed me to cool off a little so when I went into the library it only slightly resembled a sauna compared to the overcast low 40s outside.

I browsed the new books, picking up a Neal Stephenson and a Sarah Paretski, then headed for the fiction shelves for the newly buzz worthy Lee Child.

Pannier comfortably stuffed with books, rolled away, to slog up hills and freeze downhills back home.

My new headlight, ixon IQ, is having a problem staying on, so back to the shop it goes for replacement. So sad.

About 9 miles total, max speed just shy of 25mph, average just shy of 9mph.

Rain and wind tomorrow, I might stay home.

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