02 December 2012

Noah's got nothing on us

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It has been raining for days. Folsom, where we rode today, is not very far above sea level, and the bike paths generally follow either Willow Creek or Humbug Creek.

The creeks were raging. We had to detour several times to avoid flooded areas.
Our trikes are covered in speckles of mud.

So was I.

The trails were covered in leaves and twigs and entire branches. I got swatted in the bottom by twigs, my front headlight fell off somewhere, and we each had to pull vegetative debris out from under our trikes.

It was FUN.

After days pent up inside, when Red Leader suggested riding in Folsom because he'd seen blue sky there, I was all for it.

I knew we would not be able to use the underpass under Bidwell. It is designed to carry the creek's water when there's been a lot of rain.

This picture does not convey it well, but the water was moving so fast that the actual creek, on the other side of the metal fence, was shooting up in the air as high as the fence and roaring. The water at the foot of the " flooded" sign looked like it would wash the sign away at any moment.

We detoured around on Bidwell, then came to a section that I did not know would flood. The 'pond' in the middle distance is actually the bike path.

This water would be about chest deep on me. I'm nearly 6 feet tall.

So it was back out to Bidwell to retrace our route back to the car instead of finishing the loop.

Tomorrow, after some errands, I will be cleaning off two trikes.

Stay dry and warm out there!

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