24 December 2012

Recreational Roadie


Recreational riders are known for sticking to the trails. Roadies for riding on the roads.

Today I did both.

I set out up to Beal's point on the American River trail, getting my second best times on a couple of Strava segments, then had the urge to stop in at Folsom Cycle (the sponsor of the bicycle club to which I belong).

So I rode through Beal's Point park and out onto Folsom Auburn Road. There is a reasonable bike lane for most of it and the traffic was cooperative. I was wearing my bright yellow jacket and had my fancy B&M tail light going.

Of course, I got to the shop just as they had closed, so I spent a little while discussing my trike with a rider who was hanging out there munching on a power bar.

I continued down FA road, sort of muffed the intersection at Greenback, but made my way onto the downstream side of the bridge and back to the parking garage and the car.

It may be time for new brake pads in my disk brakes. I think I'll have to take them out to see if 3mm remain. I have replacement pads already and Avid BB7s are easy to work on.

I also spent a little time (since I was going oh-so-slowly) meditating on my rear derailler while the chain is in the granny gear in front. There is an intermittent yet regular tapping/clacking sound from the rear. It is only audible when I'm in the granny in front. I have my right hand mirror aimed at the back of my bike, so I can check my rear tire while rolling, and I noticed today that the tap/clack sound is accompanied by a slight jump in the derailler cage. I wonder if the three master links in my chain are making that sound? If so, why not in all the gear ranges.

Well, that's a puzzle for after Christmas.

Merry Xmas (as my family would always say). I'll hold off on the Happy New Year in anticipation of a ride between now and then.

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