19 December 2012

Tiny Frosty Delite

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Did you know, if it is 48 degrees F and you are cycling along at 18mph, the windchill is 41 on the new chart and 31 on the old. It felt more like the old chart today.

Did you also know that pushing the boundaries of your husband's temperature comfort results in a post-ride excursion to REI?

Well, it does.

We turned around after about a mile and a half.  Red Leader's fingers got too cold. My old de-padded Terry coolweather tights were chafing in unfortunate places.

I was wearing a lightweight merino wool crewneck shirt from Ibex and my homemade Schoeller fabric jacket (wind blocking).
My ears were protected with my wool Buff. I was wearing the aforementioned Terry cool weather cycling tights.
I don't need that pad any more and after several years of diamond frame riding it was pretty skanky. So I removed it. I was (and am) reluctant to remove the last bits of stitching that held the pad in as I am not sure the tights would remain intact if I did. So it chafed the back of my thighs pretty good. A longer ride would have meant more chafing and discomfort.
I use mesh cycling shoes so I found my nice thick REI 'hiker' wool socks and my feet were fine. My hand were protected with full finger Ibex gloves (more wool).

Red Leader was wearing his Underarmor HeatGear fabric short sleeved shirt under his lined Supplex jacket. Nothing on his head but his helmet. He had cotton cargo shorts and wicking ExOfficio boxers, and fleece leg warmers from Aerotech Designs. Some kind of wicking athletic socks in his non-mesh cycling shoes.
The stretchy-backed Novarra gloves he has did not keep the backs of his fingers warm.
He reports that his fingers were cold (a 7 out of 10) his head was a 5 out of 10 and his legs and so on were fine.

So he has a windproof (and waterproof) cycling jacket now, an Original Buff, and a long sleeved wicking shirt, as well as lobster claw gloves.

Now if only there is another cool clear day before his vacation is over. (More rain on the way).

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