05 January 2013

Clothes horses

 #216 / #37

Finally I get to increment Red Leader's ride tally to 37. He is mostly over the cold (the cough is still there a little) and requested a ride today before it rained tomorrow.

So I came back from this morning's ride, started the blog post, had a snack, and it was time to head out again.

Red Leader wanted a simple ride without a lot of up and down so we went on our usual loop in Folsom.

Some changes from last time we rode this loop: no flooding, and RL had a pile of new bike stuff to try.
He had gotten too cold on our last ride before The Cold, so he had bought warmer lobster claw gloves, a Buff to keep his head warm, a long sleeved full zip wicking polyester shirt, and a bright yellow rain jacket. Not that he rides in the rain, but this is what happens when a guy who likes to shop (I know, I know) goes to Really Expensive Inside.
THEN for Christmas, I got him a new trunk bag (Arkel Expedition - quite posh!), a lightweight high-viz windbreaker, and arm warmers.

So. He was warm enough in wicking boxers, cotton shorts, fleece leg and arm warmers, long sleeved wicking poly shirt, Buff, the light windbreaker, and his medium-warm gloves. Wicking socks.

I was unaccountably chilly starting out, so I was wearing heavy nylon yoga pants, wicking undies, a wicking camisole, wool midweight shirt, my windbreaker, and arm warmers and a fleece vest over the jacket. And I had my Buff deployed as ear warmers. And with all that - fingerless gloves.
After the first 3 miles, I ditched the arm warmers and vest. Perfect. Oh, and I was wearing wool socks with plastic sandwich baggies over the socks inside my shoes. So my toes were not cold from the wind, although my socks were quite damp at the end of the ride.

It did not rain on us, and the forecast now calls for partly sunny tomorrow afternoon. So I might ride out from the house and try my luck finding two local geocaches. Because I need a few miles to make my 30 mile goal for the week. 4.1 to be exact.

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