26 January 2013

Desperately Seeking (Su)Sun

#222 / #41

It was foggy this morning at home. It was still foggy as we were getting ready to go on our bike ride.

We over dressed, actually, since it was sunny and 60 when we got to Wm Pond for the start of our ride.

I shed my jacket and rolled my pants up. Red Leader didn't shed anything, but then he rides colder than I do.

We saw one recumbent and lots of other people out enjoying the breezy sunny day.

The breeze (headwind) on our outbound trip was no fun but it was nice to have it at our backs on the return.

I met my goal of 50 miles for the week. I may or may not bump it up to 60 (my weekly goal for 2013) for next week.

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