22 January 2013



Snuck a ride in between yoga and various housekeeping duties. Have about 10 miles of my 50 mile goal for the week. Rain or shine (and it will rain) tomorrow a 20 mile ride.

Who rides bikes most? Men.
Who rides recumbent bikes most? Men.
Trikes? Men, but they seem also to be wife/girlfriend vehicles also.
Who rides around at 8:30am in 39 degree weather? Men.

So I'm not too surprised that several people today took me for a male. Maybe I should start wearing fuschia lipstick. Naw. Not my style. Don't really care, just was funny.

I kept to Folsom's bike paths, mostly because they are the closest trail access to my house and I did not feel like playing in traffic today.

Thursday and Friday look like the only days Red Leader and I will be able to get out for a ride together, so I figure I'd better get 30 more miles in before then. Hm. Looks like a 30 mile ride tomorrow? Why not. I can bribe myself with a brunch at Karen's after. If I ride as early as I can stand, I might beat most of the rain.

It's a Plan!

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