05 January 2013

Individual white dresses


Today was a double dipping day. I went out in the morning on my Seven 7 ride (seven miles, seven mph, great for seven speeds) with the Casual Biker meetup people. Then in the afternoon with my husband, Red Leader.

We had a full house (8 riders - as many as I want to keep track of on the twisty trails). Two of those riders were bonus recumbent riders - a husband and wife team that I met two years ago when my trike was newish and that's how they came to get a pair of trikes. A Terratrike and a Greenspeed. They are Folsom natives, so they were happy to ride in the back since I knew they would not get lost, if by chance they got separated.

So there I am, riding over the loudest bridge in Folsom (the metal bars at the ends are loose and the boards of the deck are quite loud when ridden on). I had always wondered if it was just my proximity to my tires that made it sound so loud.
Now I know it is just loud!
I'm leading, with a four bike tail capped off by a two-trike decoration. Even as far ahead as I was, I could CERTAINLY hear the two trikes rumbling over the bridge. 6 wheels hopping and banging and bouncing and bounding over the boards.

All three of us on trikes answered a lot of questions, and I even got one of the safety bike riders to hop on and pedal for a few feet. Before this, she had asked me what it was like to ride a recumbent up a hill and I said it can be like a lot of individual leg presses. Which I guess at 8mph and facing the wrong was and a well-chilled face can sound like individual white dresses.

So, to climb a hill on a trike, you have to be ready for a lot of individual white dresses. They do tend to show chain grease, but what's a girl to do?
The Two Trikers and I sat down for a chat and some coffee after the ride.

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