03 January 2013

January sun


Headed out on this nice sunny day to see if I could chase a cold away with a bike ride.
I'll know tomorrow if I did.

I went over to Empire Ranch and climbed my favorite hill, then - as usual - chicken braked down the other side.

While I was out today I saw and talked to a couple that have trikes. I had met the wife a year or so ago and I had been trying to track her down again. So they have one of my cards. I hope they can come to Saturday's loafing ride in Folsom.

After my ride, I ran across a couple of women with recumbent bikes, unloading them from their car near where I had parked. I had never met them before. One ride was a Sun and I don't know what the other was.

So it was a nice 9 miles in nice weather encountering nice people.

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