16 January 2013

Not so frozen

#220 / #39

Red Leader and I went out on the American River trail today, RL leading, as is right and proper. We followed and later chatted with a guy on an old-school Linear recumbent. Saw some deer.

It was just shy of 60 when we set out and at sunset, when we got back, it seem quite a bit chillier. And the temperature was just 7 degrees lower. Lack of sunshine makes a difference.

Red Leader reported a 'funny noise' while pedaling and noticed one time when the chain made a big loop under the front derailer. Time to get greasy!

The times that I've noticed the chain not moving on the return path on my bike was due in both cases to a stiff link.

I know what I'm doing tomorrow ...

I'm 5.1 miles from my weekly goal of 40 miles. Yay!

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