10 January 2013

Oh, to be a mouth-breather


Went out for a brisk 19 miles ride on the American River Parkway.

I may or may not have a cracked tooth - the dentist could not determine yesterday which tooth it was and he does not want to do the wrong tooth (fine by me) so I have instructions to see when I feel it, keep track, and get back to him. One YOWZA while sucking cold air on today's ride. So I decided to try to ride with my mouth shut. Can't do it, can't go fast enough. Reverted to mouth-breathing. No more YOWZAs so I'm happy.

When I checked the Strava app at Wm Pond (I went from Sunrise to Watt and back, so this was on my return) it claimed that my average was 16mph. Which would be nice, but I emphatically don't believe it. And looking at the graph of my ride, there is no way I had an average that fast. So the during-ride-logging data is not reliable.


I had a nice ride, despite teeth, general unfitness, and a blasted headwind on the way back.

I decided to hop up on the paved levee top after I turned around at Watt.

It was nice seeing a wider view then down on the bike trail, but the wind was stronger up there and the surface (graveled chipseal) was rough. Also, the levee trail has quite a crown so I stayed in the middle unless passing or being passed. It was all I could do to maintain 12.5mph on the levee.

Maintenance was happening (it is a weekday, after all) so I spent some time gawking at a crew removing a Very Tall tree near William Pond. I also saw a boat that I believe was some kind of official craft, buzzing up and down the river with two guys standing in the bows. Also saw a crew of Sacramento County Corrections inmates (community service?) spreading bark trailside.

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