13 January 2013

Return of the Tandem

#218 / #38

When I first started leading the monthly "around Lake Natoma" ride for the local casual bike group, a tandem-riding pair would show up and loaf around the lake with us. Loafing on a tandem is practically de-rigueur, since two people pedaling are faster than one. They showed up again today, surprised to see Red Leader on a trike. I guess it had been since before May that they attended.

Only 5 of us went around the lake. It was below freezing first thing and only around 40 when we started out. We were mostly warm enough, although I think some toe covers are in our future.

Only the die-hards were out today - a handful of bundled up roadies and a few sets of walkers, one with a hood trimmed with an immense amount of fur (fake, I suppose).

This week I managed to make my self-imposed 30 mile weekly mileage. Next week I'll bump it to 40. This will ensure that I can't 'cheat' and do my quota with only two rides in a week.

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