30 January 2013

The Rant

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Ok. There will be some mild language. So read the next post (whenever it happens) if you are sensitive.

Dear Entitled Assholes,
JUST because the pair of you have 6oz carbon/unobtanium bikes, with aero wheels, bars, and who knows what else, and
JUST because you are super skinny and dressed heads to toes in matchy matchy lycra, and
JUST because you are going about 20mph in a wooded area with lots of blind corners on a trail w/ a much ignored 15mph limit,
DOES NOT mean you are entitled to yell at the walkers.

Get a grip. Lose the assholery.

Guess what.

This sign

means you AND your little friend yield to the peds (and the horses). The directional arrows are not telling you to aim your bikes at the nice walker.

Anyway, up until the Entitled As episode, it was a nice ride on a beautiful day.

I saw some kind of smallish hawk hovering overhead, flapping madly, spying out a late lunch.

I persuaded Red Leader to do about 5 minute of stretching before we rode. His knee was still a bit tender but he spend some time analyzing how he was riding and what was going on.  As I've mentioned before, he tends to lean to the right as he rides, and also there is noticeable upper body flopping and bobbing: again to the right. So he spent most of the ride NOT flopping and pondering his legs. He's decided that his ankles are the weak link, and that when they get tired his feet flop around and that makes his legs tired.

If his work schedule permits, we are going to try for three 10-15 mile rides a week, rather than one 20 mile ride.

I might not make my 50 mile goal this week, but I'll give it a good shot by joining the Sacramento Recumbent riders on the First Saturday ride this weekend.


  1. How about getting Red Leader a track stand? He can strengthen his ankles and legs, when he's not out riding with you......and he'll be doing it while "riding" his own trike.

    1. Whoops, I forgot to commend you for the most entertaining and articulate, trike-related blog, on the Net. Please, keep it up and I wish you and Red Leader many, happy miles to come.

  2. Thanks, Nipper, that's a great idea!

    I plan on keeping up the blog until packs of the irritable and Lycra-clad hunt me down and make me stop.

  3. Assholery is both a mantra and an epidemic, amongst the DF crowd, around my neck of the woods. When they can't understand what consideration or politeness are all about, I can always get a predictable and repeatable result with a dash of pepper spray.....just sayin'....

  4. This incident was really the first time I've encountered verbally rude behaviour from the fast moving bicycles. I'll keep my pepper spray for the sketchy folks in the sketchy part of town.