23 January 2013

Toasted, fried, and baked.


It has been months since I've gone more than 20 miles at a time. Today I went 30: Folsom to Wm. Pond and back again.

The forecast was 50% chance of rain and I got the lucky percentage. So I packed my rain gear for no reason. It was around 55 degrees, overcast and not a lot of breeze.

From Folsom to Nimbus I saw 10 walkers (4 pairs and 2 singles) and only two other bicyclists. One overtook me on the hill by the outlet mall. I spent some time pondering why I'm always overtaken on the steep hills, when I'm slogging up at a snail's pace. Then I realized that I spend much more time climbing then I do descending, so I suppose that makes sense.

I did leave a couple of riders behind on a downhill on the other side of the river (my route was outbound on the south side and inbound on the north).

Although I am quite tired now, I think I took the right number of reststops and ate enough food on the way. (Stops were Nimbus Flats boat launch, south Sunrise, Wm Pond, south Sunrise, Hazel bridge, and Negro Bar. Food was a banana and some Tiger Milk bars).

I 'bribed' myself with a lovely pastry and a cup of coffee at Karen's.

My average was 10mph: typical for a longer ride for me.

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