14 February 2013

Not over yet

#225 / #45

Wednesday, Feb 13th

You'll notice that Red Leader's ride count increment skipped a few. That's because he went out riding without me while I had The Cold (from which I still have the cough).
I am so PLEASED he'll ride without me. The trike is a Good Thing.

We went out together yesterday, on the American River trail. I was not as fast as I usually am but still managed a 12.7 average for the ride from Sunrise to Wm Pond and back.

Saw a handful of other recumbents, most with fairings and one trike (no fairing).

It is spring, so the trees are starting to bud and the deer were out. Like horses, they stare at trikes before taking off.

I'm trying to figure out how to tell, short of total inoperability of my drive line, when I need to inspect and possibly change out components like shift cables and cogs and so on. I've never had a bike that I put 3190 miles on before.

Time to dig out my bicycle repair manual.


  1. Your gears and cables will last for thousands of miles, when properly serviced. Check the BROL site for plenty of information on maintaining these components.....and happy trails, to you and Red Leader.


  2. Thanks, Nipper. Today (25th) I finally got around to wiping down and re-lubing my chain. And there was only a little bit of compacted gunk in my derailler jockey wheel. Since switching to t-9 or whatever that stuff from Boeing is called, I have a lot less grit and gunk stuck in crevices. So, I have to lube more often. I can live with that.