21 February 2013


#227 / #47

I've been shamefully neglecting my youtube site in favor of nearly anything else.

So today I dragged my little Canon point and shoot along on the ride (that also takes HD video) and remembered why I haven't been doing much of this lately.

I have an old Bogen/Manfrotto universal clamp that can attach to the edge of my seat. It is fairly vibration-resistant, but not perfectly. It is way better than the boom.

Anyway, the Canon's buttons are sensitive to vibration, so the video recording function randomly stops when encountering a bump. Frustration.

I do have another video camera, a Kodak Playsport. That used to work fine on the clamp, but the tripod thread on that camera body is PLASTIC. And the plastic threads have stripped out. So the camera is useless for mounting on anything. I would have used it today but the batteries are totally flat. And I have to find the charger for that camera.

So I hand held the Canon instead. Which limits me to straight, fairly level ground. Boooooring.

I shot 11 segments of video, the camera between segments dangling untidly from the strap, held in my teeth. Now I have a slobbery strap.

And OF course, the times I saw another recumbent the camera was not running. Except for the handcycle passing in front of me when we were parked at Wm. Pond.

The other reason (for not doing this video) is that it takes 20 minutes, at least, to transfer the files from the camera to my computer.

Then I have to update my video editor program, get a snack, get a cup of coffee, write this blog post, pick my nose...

Here's the link to the video on youtube. I'm not embedding it because that does not seem to work very well.



  1. I liked your video. You have some beautiful country to ride in and great trails. Wish I could ride with you too. Great pick on the music too. I think you have a future in this!